WordPress developer jobs (Remote WordPress Jobs) 2021

WordPress is an extremely popular content management to develop and design various types of cool websites. It is based on the PHP language which carries a lot of fame nowadays to write back end of sites.
WordPress developer jobs Various web development companies need a well-skilled WordPress developer nowadays. In the Digital world having a website for any business is as necessary as oxygen needed to humans. 

WordPress Developer Jobs

To get a WordPress developer jobs, a person needs to know the following things 

Choose the best hosting company for WordPress sites

WordPress hosting is one of the most important factors of a website. The speed and overall performance of the website depend upon the webserver. So choosing reliable WordPress hosting is one of the most responsive tasks of WordPress developers. You must check all the pros and cons of web servers. Along with you most also care about the pricing of it. 

Select responsive and attractive theme for a blog

Web development companies demand a person who can choose one of the most responsive and attractive designs of sites. For various types of websites, you must have the capabilities to select the best theme. It is intensively important to rely on the perfect resources of it. In some cases, you have to add on some innovative ideas for a website in order to compete with others’ websites. For this, you might not get any ready-made plugin. For this, you must know a little bit of CSS. 

Content management for the site

To grow the website faster content is a great factor to rank. For eCommerce websites, the content may be any product or service. Blog posts also boost the site to achieve a perfect ranking. Blogs are important for any kind of website. Many of the companies have a separate department for content management and WordPress developers can compromise for it. 

Drive more visitors to WordPress sites

traffic is one of the huge necessity of any website. For a business to succeed consumers are most needed. Any web development companies need SEO experts. You must know about 

a) on-page SEO 

b) off-page SEO 

c) Technical SEO 

Keyword research is also a part of it. You must be good at keyword research skills. Finding low competition keywords and handing them over to the content writing team is one of the great skills that any company looks after. Linking the sites to high domain authority websites is one of the super skills that a WordPress developer must possess. All this stuff drives more and more visitors to a site. And this is also a huge expectation of web development companies. 

Look after the site and notice the site security site down. 

Site security and performance is also a very special task that a WordPress developer should care about. It is most important to know the best firewall and security plugin for WordPress. You must have the knowledge to back up the data of the site.

WordPress Certification

To get WordPress Developer Job, many of you think that there must be a certificate of completion of the WordPress Course. But it is not true. You must have developed some remarkable WordPress sites. And you must include all the works in your CV while applying for the job of WordPress Developer.

List of few companies to apply for WordPress Developer Job

companies to apply for WordPress Developer Job
  • New York, USA
  • Team Size- 9000+
  • Rating- 4.7/5
companies to apply for WordPress Developer Job
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Team Size- 300+
  • Rating – 4.5/5

Freelancer Companies for WordPress Developer

The best platforms to do WordPress Developer Jobs at freelancer websites. It is quite worthy than any web development company. There is no boundary of revenue like the company salary. You can charge per project or you can charge hourly basis.

wordpress developer job upwork
  • No. of freelancer- 5M
  • Rating – 4.8/5

wordpress developer job glassdoor
  • No of freelancer – 500K
  • Rating – 4.2/5

wordpress developer job amazon machanical turk
  • No of workers – 10K – 50K
  • Rating – 4/5
  • No of the worker from flexjobs – 100K
  • Rating – 4.5/5

This is a job searching platform for WordPress developers.

Remote WordPress Jobs

Above mentioned websites provide a great place for WordPress developers to work from anywhere throughout the world.

Few Tools that you must know to operate

1.Google Search Console
2.Google Analytics
3.Google Ads
6.Bing Webmaster Tool
7.Google Trends

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