What is Google AdSense? How To Earn Money From Google AdSense

Google Adsense is an advertisement network, which displays ads on websites, YouTube videos. When publishers ( site owners) submit their sites for Adsense Ads approval. Once the site get approved then they will able to show ads on their websites. 

Now-a-days, we rarely find people who wish to advertise their businesses or any products and services through radio and television. Since all the users and targeted customers are available on mobile phone. People spends most of the time on websites and social medias. 

If we want to get information about any products and services, then we quickly open Google to search about it. Here it is clear that many targeted customers and users are surfing on websites. 

Google Ads is a platform, where advertisers request and apply for the advertisements of their stuffs. And those ads are display on publisher’s websites. 

How Google AdSense Works?

To earn from Google AdSense, very simple 3 steps you should to follow and you get paid directly to your bank account. 

When each and every criteria get fulfilled, then you have to create spaces for ads and submit for approval.  

After successfully approval from adsense, ads are ready to show on your site.

You will get paid directly to your bank account. ( Minimum withdrawal amount is $100 )

How To Earn Money From Google AdSense?

Since for displaying Google ads, we must have sites or YouTube channels, so there is necessary to have sites and channels. To earn Adsense money, let us build website for free. 

How To Create a Website For Free

We can develop sites by using several platforms. We are using some of very popular platforms in this blog post. 

  1. Blogger

We can create attractive blogs site using Blogger.

How To create user engaging, simple and easy to remember site names. Read that article also.

Merocourse offers Master in Blogging Online Course, where you will be guided step by step. 

3 Types of Websites Generate More Revenue

  1. Blog Site
  2. Forum Site
  3. Free Tool Site

Blog site is a 1st quality site type that generates more AdSense revenue. Its a content based site and you can present your content in textual form, image form, video, animations, GIFs, and many more. Merocourse Blog is one of the example of this type.  

Forum website is just like two way interaction sites. Question Answer site is one the best example of it.

For example:- Merocourse QnA

Free online Tool websites are its third type, that generates quality Adsense revenue.

For Example:- Cloud SEO Tool & Cloud SEO Checker

Factors Depending AdSense Earnings

There are so many factors Google AdSense depend on :- 

  1. Blog Categories
  2. Keywords/ Topics
  3. Quality Contents 
  4. Region 
  5. High Traffics 
  6. Ads Placements 
  7. Page RPM, CPC

These factors are well explained in the post.

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