What is a Backlink?: How To Create Backlinks For Free?

A backlink is a link from one website to another website and it plays a vital role in SEO. In this post, we have discussed what is a backlink and how to create backlinks for free.

What is a Backlink? How To Create Backlink For Free

Let’s start with the word ‘Linking ‘. It refers to connecting or joining something to another’s object. In the Digital world linking means connecting your website to another reputed website.

what is backlink

It means your site is being referred by another website or we can say that your site is linked to other sites. Other website offers back to your site that’s why it’s known as BACKLINK.

It is very important to care about the DA PA and spam score of the website before creating a backlink for your site.

What is DA PA and Spam score?

First DA and PA are introduced by MOZ. Its full form is domain authority ( DA) and page authority ( PA ). DA measures the domain quality and it depends upon how much valuable content in that domain name and domain age is also one of the factors of high DA.

High DA and PA is one of the great factors of the site to create backlink.
PA is page authority and its increase in increasing valuable information on the page and linking the page with high authority websites.

Types of backlink

1. Do follow backlink

2. No follow backlink

In do-follow backlink, the site refers to visit your website that you have linked with. And this type of backlink drives more traffic because your site has been linked with a website that has already massive traffic and high DA PA.
On the other hand, no follow backlink doesn’t recommend the visitors to go to your site but this type of backlink increase the DA PA of your website.

The overall do-follow backlink is perfect to boost your site. It increases traffic as well as authority.
Linking to your own website; it means you are linking your own web page or web post in your post.

Interlinking is also a great factor to increase the traffic of your website as well as to improve SEO.
We can link the website/ web page/web post in our post. This link will be an external link ( linking with other sites) and internal links.

How to create a backlink?

Generally, we can create backlink by creating your own profile on high authority websites and another method is guest writing or article submission.

Lets look at few examples;

how to create backlinks
How To Create Backlinks

This is the 1st method that you can link your website to a high authority website. You can create backlinks by using the same methods as shown above.

How to create backlinks

This is another method to create a backlink for free. In this type of backlink, there are two major advantages. First is obviously your website is being referred by a high authority website and secondly, you will get a few percent visitors/ traffic to your site from the linked site.

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