Loksewa Aayog Kharidar Syllabus: Qualification, Examinations, and Result

In this post, you will get complete information about the Kharidar Syllabus, Qualifications to apply for it, and types of examinations, and finally the result. Let’s begin with Kharidar Qualification;

Kharidar Qualification

To apply for the post of Kharidar, you must have following criteria:

Academic Qualification: SLC passed out OR SEE passed out (From government recognized institution)

Note: For Grade System, 2.0 GPA or Above 2.0 GPA is required

Age: Minimum age 18 years & Maximum age limit 35 years

Note: For women and physically disabled; Maximum age limit = 40 years

Kharidar Qualification
Kharidar Qualification

Image Source: Loksewa Official Website

Kharidar Syllabus

Before discussing the syllabus of kharidar, let me explain the three types of major examinations. There are three types of examinations

Kharidar first paper

Kharidar 1st paper is just like entrance examination. This paper is also divided into two portion;

  • IQ
  • GK

There are 50 questions asked in 1st paper and the exam format is MCQ. You have to select a correct alternative/answer from the given 4 options. Each question carries 2 marks and the full mark of examination is 100 while the pass mark is 40. And there is also negative marking for a wrong answer. If you tick the wrong option then 20% of the marks of a question are decreased from obtained marks.

No of questions from GK = 35

No of questions from IQ = 15

Each question carries 2 marks

Kharidar first paper GK
Kharidar 1st paper IQ
Kharidar 1st paper IQ

Second Paper: Science & Mathematics

You must know that only the candidates who passed 1st paper are eligible for the second paper and third paper.

Second paper science

2. Mathematics

Second paper mathematics

Syllabus Source: Loksewa Official Website

Third Paper: Social Studies & Office Practices

This exam is in written format and it consists three sections:

Section A: Social studies – 40 marks

Section B: Health, Population and Environment – 30 marks

Group C: Office Practices and Miscellaneous – 30 marks

kharidar third paper
kharidar third paper

Kharidar Result

Generally, it took 1 month to publish the result of 1st paper from the date of examination. And after that, it took nearly 6 months to complete all three examinations.

Kharidar Online Class/ Course

One of the great problem-solving institutes of Nepal is Ignited Nepal and it provides the whole courses with great concepts and easy way.

Loksewa Aayog Kharidar Syllabus: Qualification, Examinations, and Result

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