Top 7 Best Joomla Security Extensions To Protect Your Website

Just visualize, your site is running perfectly, everything goes well, and suddenly your site has been hacked. This seems like a nightmare. Right?

A rapid increase in web applications makes web-based hacking attacks more attractive. Website security isn’t only the challenge but one among the foremost important things that ought to be taking care of website owners.

Top 7 Best Joomla Security Extensions To Protect Your Website

Joomla is one of the leading Content Management Systems for the web pages. A bit like WordPress and other open-source platforms. Joomla sites even have to affect hacker’s attacks. Do not worry!

Joomla comes with amazing security extensions that help to secure your site from hackers. Here’s we’ve come up with an inventory of a number of the simplest Joomla security extensions. Which will help to guard your site. Take a glance at the list:

1. jHackGuard


jHackGuard may be a security solution designed by Site Ground the Joomla websites from being hacked. It protects you by filtering the input file of users. Being disabled for the authenticated administrators, it allows them to hold out their administrative task easily. The plugin is out there in several versions, thus you’ll choose an appropriate version that suits your site.

2. JomDefender


Each day, attacks of hackers on Joomla websites increase, and owners may need to spend the heap of cash to repair the damage. JomDefender is one of the simplest extensions developed by Core PHP, which assists you to secure your site from hacker’s attack. It keeps your Joomla site hidden and guarded and also allows you to find the proper configuration for your site.

3. Admin Tools

Admin tools for Joomla

Admin Tools may be a unique security extension that helps to guard your site. It notifies the newest updates to the users which will help them in maintaining the location. Additionally, it helps to repair your files and directories permissions, manage custom URL directions, and also enhance the safety also. It also features the “Web Application Firewall” so as to stay your site safe from small common attacks.

4. RSFirewall


RSFirewall is one of the advanced Joomla security extensions that protect your website from intrusions and hacker attacks. Additionally, it’s protected by a team of trained experts that runs the newest updates also as keeps the extension up-to-date with the newest vulnerabilities. It allows you to scan your entire site and file to spot the malware in order that you’ll make the required improvements.

5. Marco’s SQL injection

Marco's SQL injection

Marco’s SQL injection plugins are developed to guard your site against SQL injection and LFI (Local file inclusion). a number of the good features of this extension are:
It blocks the SQL injection/LFI attempts by filtering requests in getting, POST, and REQUEST and alert by an email when the alert is generated. Protect the location from unknown 3rd party extension vulnerability and it’ll automatically block an IP that attacking your site.

6. Akeeba Backup

Akeeba Backup

It’s a perfect solution for full those that need a full backup of their site. It creates a full backup of the location during a single archive including database, files, and restoration script. It also provides different formats such as you can use standard ZIP archives or JPA archives or JPS archives. It runs an AJAX powered backup which suggests it prevents server timeouts for the restore process.

7. Eyesite

Eye site- the name already describes itself that it always keeps an eye fixed on your website. It immediately alerts you if any files were added, deleted, or changed in your directory structure. It scans each and each directory you’ve got and stores the small print of each file. It provides the plugin which enables you to scan your site automatically at specific time intervals. History screen is usually available which shows the history of all past scans and actions.
Wrapping Up

Hopefully, the aforementioned list of security extensions will assist you to guard your Joomla website against hacking attacks and enhance security also.

If you’re getting to consider any of them, share your experience with us. Leave your comments below.

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