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WordPress developer jobs (Remote WordPress Jobs) 2021

WordPress is an extremely popular content management to develop and design various types of cool websites. It is based on the PHP language which carries a lot of fame nowadays to write back end of sites.
WordPress developer jobs Various web development companies need a well-skilled WordPress developer nowadays. In the Digital world having a website for any business is as necessary as oxygen needed to humans. 

WordPress Developer Jobs

To get a WordPress developer jobs, a person needs to know the following things 

Choose the best hosting company for WordPress sites

WordPress hosting is one of the most important factors of a website. The speed and overall performance of the website depend upon the webserver. So choosing reliable WordPress hosting is one of the most responsive tasks of WordPress developers. You must check all the pros and cons of web servers. Along with you most also care about the pricing of it. 

Select responsive and attractive theme for a blog

Web development companies demand a person who can choose one of the most responsive and attractive designs of sites. For various types of websites, you must have the capabilities to select the best theme. It is intensively important to rely on the perfect resources of it. In some cases, you have to add on some innovative ideas for a website in order to compete with others’ websites. For this, you might not get any ready-made plugin. For this, you must know a little bit of CSS. 

Content management for the site

To grow the website faster content is a great factor to rank. For eCommerce websites, the content may be any product or service. Blog posts also boost the site to achieve a perfect ranking. Blogs are important for any kind of website. Many of the companies have a separate department for content management and WordPress developers can compromise for it. 

Drive more visitors to WordPress sites

traffic is one of the huge necessity of any website. For a business to succeed consumers are most needed. Any web development companies need SEO experts. You must know about 

a) on-page SEO 

b) off-page SEO 

c) Technical SEO 

Keyword research is also a part of it. You must be good at keyword research skills. Finding low competition keywords and handing them over to the content writing team is one of the great skills that any company looks after. Linking the sites to high domain authority websites is one of the super skills that a WordPress developer must possess. All this stuff drives more and more visitors to a site. And this is also a huge expectation of web development companies. 

Look after the site and notice the site security site down. 

Site security and performance is also a very special task that a WordPress developer should care about. It is most important to know the best firewall and security plugin for WordPress. You must have the knowledge to back up the data of the site.

WordPress Certification

To get WordPress Developer Job, many of you think that there must be a certificate of completion of the WordPress Course. But it is not true. You must have developed some remarkable WordPress sites. And you must include all the works in your CV while applying for the job of WordPress Developer.

List of few companies to apply for WordPress Developer Job

companies to apply for WordPress Developer Job
  • New York, USA
  • Team Size- 9000+
  • Rating- 4.7/5
companies to apply for WordPress Developer Job
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Team Size- 300+
  • Rating – 4.5/5

Freelancer Companies for WordPress Developer

The best platforms to do WordPress Developer Jobs at freelancer websites. It is quite worthy than any web development company. There is no boundary of revenue like the company salary. You can charge per project or you can charge hourly basis.

wordpress developer job upwork
  • No. of freelancer- 5M
  • Rating – 4.8/5

wordpress developer job glassdoor
  • No of freelancer – 500K
  • Rating – 4.2/5

wordpress developer job amazon machanical turk
  • No of workers – 10K – 50K
  • Rating – 4/5
  • No of the worker from flexjobs – 100K
  • Rating – 4.5/5

This is a job searching platform for WordPress developers.

Remote WordPress Jobs

Above mentioned websites provide a great place for WordPress developers to work from anywhere throughout the world.

Few Tools that you must know to operate

1.Google Search Console
2.Google Analytics
3.Google Ads
6.Bing Webmaster Tool
7.Google Trends

backlinks, what is a backlink, how to create backlink

What is a Backlink?: How To Create Backlinks For Free?

A backlink is a link from one website to another website and it plays a vital role in SEO. In this post, we have discussed what is a backlink and how to create backlinks for free.

What is a Backlink? How To Create Backlink For Free

Let’s start with the word ‘Linking ‘. It refers to connecting or joining something to another’s object. In the Digital world linking means connecting your website to another reputed website.

what is backlink

It means your site is being referred by another website or we can say that your site is linked to other sites. Other website offers back to your site that’s why it’s known as BACKLINK.

It is very important to care about the DA PA and spam score of the website before creating a backlink for your site.

What is DA PA and Spam score?

First DA and PA are introduced by MOZ. Its full form is domain authority ( DA) and page authority ( PA ). DA measures the domain quality and it depends upon how much valuable content in that domain name and domain age is also one of the factors of high DA.

High DA and PA is one of the great factors of the site to create backlink.
PA is page authority and its increase in increasing valuable information on the page and linking the page with high authority websites.

Types of backlink

1. Do follow backlink

2. No follow backlink

In do-follow backlink, the site refers to visit your website that you have linked with. And this type of backlink drives more traffic because your site has been linked with a website that has already massive traffic and high DA PA.
On the other hand, no follow backlink doesn’t recommend the visitors to go to your site but this type of backlink increase the DA PA of your website.

The overall do-follow backlink is perfect to boost your site. It increases traffic as well as authority.
Linking to your own website; it means you are linking your own web page or web post in your post.

Interlinking is also a great factor to increase the traffic of your website as well as to improve SEO.
We can link the website/ web page/web post in our post. This link will be an external link ( linking with other sites) and internal links.

How to create a backlink?

Generally, we can create backlink by creating your own profile on high authority websites and another method is guest writing or article submission.

Lets look at few examples;

how to create backlinks
How To Create Backlinks

This is the 1st method that you can link your website to a high authority website. You can create backlinks by using the same methods as shown above.

How to create backlinks

This is another method to create a backlink for free. In this type of backlink, there are two major advantages. First is obviously your website is being referred by a high authority website and secondly, you will get a few percent visitors/ traffic to your site from the linked site.

Web Development in Nepal

Web Development in Nepal: The Best Website Development Agency

In this digital world, the website plays a vital role in people’s life. There are various types of websites. But basically we use it for sharing information and providing products and services. We have discussed web development in Nepal and the best agency for it.

In this post, we will discuss two types of websites broadly.

Web Development in Nepal

Types of websites?

  • Business Website
  • Educational Website
  • eCommerce Website
  • Blogging Website
  • Entertainment Website
  • News/Media Website
  • Portfolio Website
  • Brochure Website and so on.

1.Blogging Website

In this type of website, we share information in the form of text, pictures, animations, videos, and many more. People share their experiences, view, opinions, and ideas here. 

2. Products & service

In these types of websites, we provide particular product services and tools. Talking more specifically, there is a special category for this called e-commerce website. Where you can sell your products and services.

Now in the context of Nepal and Nepalese people. Which one is the perfect one to stick with ??
Well, website development and having a website are very popular throughout the world. And you have to choose according to your needs.

And of course, blogging is one of the most popular all over the world. You should choose to blog. You can share your information in the form of text, images, and videos.

Now the huge problem is how to create blogging websites.

You can use any CMS for example WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. And for the initial stage Blogger is the perfect choice for it.

If you are completely beginner then go through Blogger. It is a great platform to start blogging.

How can I earn money from blogging? 

You can earn money through advertising networks. One of the best advertising networks is Google AdSense. And another good ad network is the media dot net.

If you are blogging about products and reviewing them. Then you can put affiliate links and you can earn from affiliate commission too.
And you can embed customize advertisements too.

Products and services selling web development in Nepal
You can use any of the above CMS. There are too many tools that you can use to build your eCommerce site. There are a few themes to develop a ready-made site. But we prefer a coded site for eCommerce. Because we have total control over it and for product selling site security is the main thing. Web Development

Web Development in Nepal: What is important

SEO plays a vital role to boost your website. It drives lots of traffic and hence greater revenue or sales. We have discussed on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical Seo.

Another factor is the Backlinks. Linking your site to a high authority domain boosts your site ranking to search engines. It is must important to take care of DA PA SS of site. Otherwise, it will go a negative impact on the site. And there are two types of Backlinks namely dofollow Backlinks and Nofollow Backlinks.

Any many others factors are responsible to rank your site and drive more visitors. We have provided 50 SEO tools for free.

The Best Website Development Agency in Nepal

Best Web development agency in Nepal. Let’s discuss what’s are the things that make the agency better. 

We decide the best in the sense of responsive and attractive design and 24×7 support. Ignited Nepal is one of the best in all of these things. You can contact Ignited Nepal IT Team. Send Message right now

How To Create a Favicon For Blogger WordPress Wix Site

How To Create a Favicon For Blogger or WordPress or Wix Site

We can easily create a favicon or site icon for Blogger or WordPress or Wix site. For this we can use online websites as well as offline ( MS PowerPoint ). The size of the favicon must have 16×16 pixels or 32×32 will be also okay.

How To Create and Change a Siteicon in WordPress, Blogger and Wix

Now, Lets discuss how to create it.


How To Create a Favicon For Blogger or WordPress or Wix Site

We can create favicon using above site. Just click on TEXT -> ICON and you will get result like that;

How To Create a Favicon For Blogger or WordPress or Wix Site

Suppose your site name starts with P, just like our site name ProtoTrend then probably you will choose your site icon as a single letter. In the above picture, you see the Text option where you can write your website’s first letter. And you will get a result as a preview and you can see it in your browser tab.

After generating your desired favicon you can download the icon. And the file downloaded will be in ZIP format and you will get the favicon of sizes 16×16, 32×32, 512×512.


How To Create a Favicon For Blogger

We can create favicon, logo, ads banner, thumbnails, and many more from Pixlr. To create the favicon, we have to click on create new option after that we will get different sizes layouts. And we have to create 16×16 manually which is discussed below in the picture.

How To Create a Favicon For Blogger or WordPress or Wix Site

We can create a site icon by following these steps and its totally online. You haven’t open any software and desktop applications for this.

3. Canva

How To Create a Favicon from canva

Canva is also a great tool for various graphics designing. We can create numerous types of design using it. We have to create a design and you have to choose a custom dimension. You can follow the steps that we have mentioned below.

How To Create a Favicon from canva

We have discussed the various ways of creating favicon for your wordpress site or Wix site or simply we can say for blogger. Now we will discuss about how to change the favicon in blogger & WordPress.

How To Change a Favicon in Blogger

How To Change a Favicon in Blogger

We have already created a favicon and now its time to change a favicon in blogger. You can follow exactly the same steps to change the favicon in the blogger. Blogger Dashboard -> Layout-> Favicon Edit and lastly upload a site icon. As simple as that.

How To Change a Site icon in WordPress

How To Change a Site icon in WordPress

Firstly, you have to go to customize option and you have to select Header and after that follow the following steps;

How To Change a Site icon in WordPress

After selecting header, select site identity and go to site icon, where you will get a option to upload site icon of your wordpress website.

How To Change a Site icon in WordPress

Finally, by following these steps, you came to know how to create a favicon for blogger or wordPress or Wix Site.

Digital marketing in nepal

Digital Marketing in Nepal: A Step-by-Step Guide

Digital Marketing in Nepal

You are here to get information about Digital Marketing and its future impact in Nepal. So you will get step by step guide today.

What is Digital Marketing?

Before understanding digital marketing, let’s understand the meaning of ‘Digital Platform‘. You get numerous information daily through your mobile device, laptop, and other electronic devices.

If we go even deeper, you realize that social media, mobile applications, email, web applications, and various websites give you daily news and updates.

And it includes information about different products, services, and current affairs. These are digital platforms and marketing through these platforms is called Digital Marketing.

Marketing through digital platforms (i.e. social media, mobile applications, email, web apps, and websites) is known as Digital Marketing.

Note: Marketing is buying, selling, or promoting any products and services.

Wait: I have not my own products and services, can I do Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing in Nepal Vs Affiliate Marketing

A very simple answer is Definitely Yes. You can use other’s products if you have not your own products. Click Bank is a perfect example. Clickfunnels, JVZoo, Digistore24 are few popular affiliate marketplaces. Many products and services are listed there and you can use their products also for marketing through digital platforms. And commonly this marketing is called affiliate marketing.

What is the difference between Affiliate marketing and Digital Marketing?

In affiliate marketing, we use other’s products and get a certain commission on the sale. But in digital marketing, products may be totally yours or others. Affiliate marketing is also a type of digital marketing but getting certain commissions makes it different.

Digital Marketing Strategy in Nepal

In the context of Nepal, if digital marketing is done by social media and websites, it gives more results or ROI ( Return On Investment ). Since many targeted users/customers are active more on social media like Facebook, Twitter in Nepal. And for search queries, they prefer Google and Bing.

We have already mentioned above that digital marketing can be done through various digital platforms. But in this blog post, we have discussed more on digital marketing through social media and websites.

1. Social Media Marketing in Nepal

Marketing through social media in Nepal is super easy. We can do organic marketing as well as paid marketing too through social media. Let us talk about Facebook’s organic marketing first. Marketing through Facebook is done via;

Facebook Page

Facebook Groups

Direct Message


Rooms/ Friend list Groups

Organic Facebook Marketing:

We can do free organic marketing using a Facebook page. Creating a Facebook page is pretty much easy nowadays. The main thing is how can you make your page much more accessible to users. Reach and engagement is the most important things here. And we can achieve it by using different techniques. Obviously, the main thing about this is valuable content.

But the Facebook algorithm changed a lot nowadays, and it minimizes and suppressed other types of links like website links, post links, and YouTube’s video link. Facebook doesn’t want to promotes other website’s links for free. Even your page’s total members don’t get notified if you put any other links.

Overall, organic reach and engagement are not enough to promote your business, website, or blog to a higher level.

Paid Facebook marketing:-

Paid marketing through Facebook is super simple. You have to create your Facebook page and after that, you can boost it to your targeted audience. And it’s very beneficial which gives high ROI. Because you can target your customer/users by gender, country, and specific region. Not only that, but you can also target the audience by interest and important life events.

Facebook paid marketing

We can boost our desired Facebook post to reach targeted users/costumer.

In this picture, you can see messaging conversation has been selected as the main objective. You are free to choose your goal of doing ads and can target everything that we already mentioned above.

2. Marketing Through Websites

Digital marketing in Nepal through websites is one of the best phenomenal methods. There are various types of websites:

  • Business Website
  • Educational Website
  • eCommerce Website
  • Blogging Website
  • Entertainment Website
  • News/Media Website
  • Portfolio Website
  • Brochure Website and so on.

According to your purpose, you can able to develop a website. Website Development is only the first step in digital marketing. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger are few popular website builders without coding.

You can develop your desired website using the above platforms very easily. But there are various factors that make your website more accessible to your customer. If you are selling your own products and services then it is very important to reach your website to your targeted audience. And if you are selling other’s products ( as an affiliate ) or just blogging for Google AdSense earning, then it’s necessary to have more traffic ( Visitors ) on your site. More traffics generates more leads/customers.

Q. Is Google AdSense earning is Digital Marketing?

Yes, Google AdSense earning is a digital marketing earning.

Q. How Google AdSense earning is Digital Marketing?

Google AdWord is a platform, where various products and services are listed to do paid marketing. Vendors or any particular website gives the notice to advertise their products. And AdWord shows advertisements through your website. Hence its a digital marketing.

As we know, the most important thing for a successful website or business is visitors/ traffic. This can be achieved in the following ways:

1. SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation )

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation )

SEO is the game-changer for website. Let’s understand this.

Minimum:- something refer less

Maximum:- Something refers more

Optimum:- Something in between Minimum and Maximum.

In very simple language, the process of making content and everything in between maximum and minimum (i.e. Optimum) is called Optimization. We are doing all these kinds of stuff to appear on the top of the search engine so it’s called search engine optimization.

The way of managing our content in our site that helps to understand search engines very easily and comfortably is referred to as SEO.

2. Targeted Keyword Research

The keyword is the word used by visitors or customers on search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex. It’s very important to know what is the keyword used by users in your related field.

3. Index Your Content On Search Engine

Since smart work is better than hard work, you should do work smartly. Having a website is not a huge thing it’s just your initial stage and writing content is the next important thing. But the search engine doesn’t index your article or content instantly. Manually we have to index our content on a google webmaster tool called Google Search Console.

4. Backlinks

Internal linking and outbound linking is a great factor of site ranking. Backlinks refer to a linkage of a site being referred by another site. While creating backlinks, we must care about high DA ( Domain Authority ), PA ( Page Authority ) and Spam Score should below 5%. Generally, it is of two types namely Dofollow Backlinks and Nofollow Backlinks.


5. UX and Analytics

User experience (UX) is the most important thing to grow your site. Analytics gives every report and performance of your site. And we can change according to the better performance and reports. More feedback and reports lead to the growth of your site.

UX and Analytics

And there are too many factors that play a huge role to grow a website.

Digital Marketing Course in Nepal.

Ignited Nepal is one of the most transparent institutes in Nepal. Thousands of students are studying Digital Marketing offline as well as online. Why and How Ignited Nepal IT Team is the best for your business to take digitally you can understand by watching the videos.

Website Development ( WordPress Advance Course + Blogger Advance Course )

Here in this video, you will get information about earning through Google AdSense. And you will learn Website Development as well as SEO, Backlinks, and many more. A few of them are mentioned above.

Google Adsense earning SEO, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing

In this video, you will get Unit-wise whole information about Blogger Master Course. This course is dynamic and you will get additional updated video lectures along the course.

Unit-wise Explanation about Blogger Master Course

Why the courses offered by Ignited Nepal are highly beneficial and have unique explanation?

Firstly the IT Group of Ignited Nepal is already from the CSIT Sector. Additionally, they have purchased tons of SEO Courses and they provide these courses to students too.

Why you should join Ignited Nepal courses?

From the above videos, you are now very clear about the following points:- 

  • Courses are prepared by practically experienced teachers.
  • The courses are set at an affordable price.
  • Complete notes with assignments and project works are provided.
  • Special guidance to needy students.
  • Trusted by the entire students and teachers.

How are Ignited Nepal Courses are Different From Other’s Courses and YouTube Videos?

The courses are far better in comparison to YouTube videos in the following ways:-

  • Paid Tools are provided for all the students for free.
  • SEO and many course content are provided from the most popular and expensive academies.
  • Students definitely stuck while working, our experts always support you 24×7.
  • Courses are recorded video lectures but we help immediately via ZOOM or MS Team if needed.

Neil Patel, Backlinko are the few best and popular SEO experts. But you will find an explanation only.

But in the Ignited Nepal Courses case, you will get the best explanation in the Nepali language with essential paid tools which you will get for free. And all the courses have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t like Ignited Nepal Courses then we will give return your fee without any discussion.

There is so much feedback from students about the course. Let’s have a look at feedback.

You must contact me once to get further detailed explanations. We love to talk to you.

Our Proud Learners

Digital Marketing in Nepal Pdf

Digital Marketing Course

Ignited Nepal provides digital marketing course. Here is the detail about course syllabus. 

Explore Syllabus