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MUM Google Algorithm | What is Google MUM Update?

What is the full form of MUM?

M= Multi-tasking 

U= Unified

M= Model 

MUM (Multi-tasking Unified Model ) helps users to answer for complex queries.

What is Google MUM Algorithm?

Let’s discuss an example 1st after knowing the function of the MUM algorithm.

For example, if you need information about the difference between iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro max. And you will search on google and comparing these two products ( iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 pro max ). After searching this query you will get numerous results on google search results pages.

You will click a few of the sites and start reading blog posts. And every site writes nearly similar to each other and it’s very confusing to users. Which one is the better one?
Overall it is very difficult to choose one at an instance. You must read a number of blogs to make a fixed decision.

There are several questions that users suffered to get a clear and exact answer to. ( eg Covaxin vs covid shield vs Pfizer) and it’s difficult and sensitive task for google to answer. As usual, many sites appear comparing these vaccines and every researcher gives their own view. Many researchers uploaded the whole work in pdf format and maybe there might be sensitive information about it other languages sites.

Mum can use different resources in different formats to form an expert answer.

Mum helps users answer complex questions and give instant answers so that users get that information for multiple searches.

For example, you are planning to go on a trip to Mount Fuji and you want to know which types of clothes that you must carry for the trip in any particular month. Again you search it on google same thing happens you must read a number of blogs and finally you came to conclusion. But after a successful launch of the MUM Google algorithm update, it will be very easy to answer these questions.

Google MUM Algorithm Update

What are the effects of the Google MUM algorithm update?  

  • MUM will be launched soon 
  • Mum is not going to harm blogging.
  • A website with duplicate contents will face more index rejection.
  • You cannot optimize your site for MUM. 
Elon Musk on Dogecoin

Do you want Tesla To accept Doge? | DogeCoin Cryptocurrency

Do you want Tesla To accept Doge?

On May 11, 2021 ; Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla tweets a poll. Where he asked to his 53.9M followers whether he should accept Dogecoin or not. 

Dogecoin is the based on block chain.

It is a cryptocurrency or we can say digital currency just like Bitcoin/ether

What do you think about this poll? Well majority of people marked ‘Yes’ . And this great things that companies like Tesla accepts cryptocurrency as a payment. 

One thing, that I loved about digital currency is block chain approach. No any Banks, Governments and authorities control the transactions.

And it is quite safe as well.

Elon Musk Tweet

Few exciting reactions on the Poll

Well ! what is your reaction in this poll? Let me know me in the comment section below. Here are some crazy reactions and replies of his followers.


Frequently asked questions

Yes, he always supports Dogecoin. Even he created a poll on twitter and asked his followers whether he should accept Dogecoin as payment for Tesla Products.

Elon Musk always pushing up  cryptocurrencies. Specially he frequently tweets about Dogecoin.

He said that Dogecoin may be used as payment for Tesla Products.

Investing in cryptocurrencies always have high risks. Although crypto values changes by different factors. For example; Elon tweet on Dogecoin.

Definitely not, because Dogecoin arises as a joke firstly. Later on it pushed by Elon Musk.