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What is Google AdSense? How To Earn Money From Google AdSense

Google Adsense is an advertisement network, which displays ads on websites, YouTube videos. When publishers ( site owners) submit their sites for Adsense Ads approval. Once the site get approved then they will able to show ads on their websites. 

Now-a-days, we rarely find people who wish to advertise their businesses or any products and services through radio and television. Since all the users and targeted customers are available on mobile phone. People spends most of the time on websites and social medias. 

If we want to get information about any products and services, then we quickly open Google to search about it. Here it is clear that many targeted customers and users are surfing on websites. 

Google Ads is a platform, where advertisers request and apply for the advertisements of their stuffs. And those ads are display on publisher’s websites. 

How Google AdSense Works?

To earn from Google AdSense, very simple 3 steps you should to follow and you get paid directly to your bank account. 

When each and every criteria get fulfilled, then you have to create spaces for ads and submit for approval.  

After successfully approval from adsense, ads are ready to show on your site.

You will get paid directly to your bank account. ( Minimum withdrawal amount is $100 )

How To Earn Money From Google AdSense?

Since for displaying Google ads, we must have sites or YouTube channels, so there is necessary to have sites and channels. To earn Adsense money, let us build website for free. 

How To Create a Website For Free

We can develop sites by using several platforms. We are using some of very popular platforms in this blog post. 

  1. Blogger

We can create attractive blogs site using Blogger.

How To create user engaging, simple and easy to remember site names. Read that article also.

Merocourse offers Master in Blogging Online Course, where you will be guided step by step. 

3 Types of Websites Generate More Revenue

  1. Blog Site
  2. Forum Site
  3. Free Tool Site

Blog site is a 1st quality site type that generates more AdSense revenue. Its a content based site and you can present your content in textual form, image form, video, animations, GIFs, and many more. Merocourse Blog is one of the example of this type.  

Forum website is just like two way interaction sites. Question Answer site is one the best example of it.

For example:- Merocourse QnA

Free online Tool websites are its third type, that generates quality Adsense revenue.

For Example:- Cloud SEO Tool & Cloud SEO Checker

Factors Depending AdSense Earnings

There are so many factors Google AdSense depend on :- 

  1. Blog Categories
  2. Keywords/ Topics
  3. Quality Contents 
  4. Region 
  5. High Traffics 
  6. Ads Placements 
  7. Page RPM, CPC

These factors are well explained in the post.

Digital Marketing Course in Nepal

Ignited Nepal provides Digital Marketing Course. Explore all the detail. 

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History of computer

History of Computer | Evolution of Computer

History of Computer

History of computer could be traced back to the effort of man to count large numbers. Earliest calculating devices are not like the modern calculating devices in compact form, high processing speed, and reduced cost, easily portable and so on. 

There were a lot of devices invented for the development of modern digital computer. This gradual study from early to present device regarding the development of computer is termed as history of computer. Following are different phases of development of modern digital computer



The first calculating device called ABACUS was developed by the Egyptian and Chinese people. The word ABACUS means calculating board. It consisted of sticks in horizontal positions on which were inserted sets of pebbles. They were invented in 3000BC.

Napier's Bones

Napier’s bones

English mathematician John Napier built a mechanical device for the purpose of multiplication in 1617 A D. The device was known as Napier’s bones. This device was used for multiplying, dividing, and taking square roots and cube roots where multiplication tables written on strips of wood and bones.

Slide Rule

slide rule

Mathematician William Oughtred developed the slide rule in 1622. This machine could perform operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This machine was also used for scientific calculations like logarithmic functions and trigonometric functions. The slide rule is also known as a mechanical analog computer.

Pascal Calculator

Pascal Calulator

Pascal’s calculator was invented by Blaise Pascal in 1642. He developed a machine at the age of 19 that could add and subtract.

Leibniz’s Multiplication and Dividing Machine

The German philosopher and mathematician Wihlem Von Leibniz built in1673 a mechanical device that could both multiply and divide and extracts roots. This is the improved version of Pascal’s Calculator.

Difference Engine

Charles Babbage, Father of Computer invented, difference engine in 1821. The engines are performing complex mathematical calculation with 31 digits of precision by using rods, gears, levers and linkage. The engine was used to solve polynomial equations.

Babbage’s Analytical Engine

It was in the year 1837 that a famous English man Charles Babbage built a general-purpose calculating machine called analytical engine.

Harvard Mark I

This machine was invented by Howard Aiken and Grace Hopper in 1944. The computer controlled by punched, paper tape could carry out addition, subtraction, multiplication and reference previous result.


It was invented in 1949 by Maurice Wilkes. Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator, the first stored-program computer.


This machine was invented by Eckert and Mauchly in 1949. Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer was one of the earliest stored program computers


It was invented in 1951 by J. Presper, Eckert and Mauchly. Universal Automatic Computer was the first commercial computer produced in the United States.


Laptop was invented by William Moggridge in 1979.

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seo training in nepal

SEO Training in Nepal | SEO Course and Price

SEO Training in Nepal

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. Let’s us discuss very deeply about it. 
We have very familiar with the word Maximum which means something is too much and that of minimum is too less. 
There is a condition in between maximum and minimum called OPTIMUM. 

Optimization is the process to keep the stuffs at optimum condition. 

In case of search engine, Optimization means to keep your content, images, various tags, anchor texts  at optimum condition.

Role of SEO

Search engine optimisation helps to understand our content very easily to Search engines like Google Bing Yahoo. And search engines find our content very easily from our websites. 
And these things certainly helps to rank higher on search engines ( like Google ). So SEO is the massive ranking factor. 

Types of SEO

Optimization of each and every page on website. 

This is technique of optimizing the site by creating backlinks / anchor text. 

It includes UX and for better score in technical SEO, website speed and website audit is most important.

SEO Training

In context of Nepal, many of site owners only rely on social media shares to drive traffic. 
Every website’s owner dreams about the site to appear on first page of Google. 

Steps To Rank On Google

To choose a particular topic, researching a low competition keyword is very much essential. Keyword research must be done to your related niche and topic before giving a specific topic to your blog. 

Tags are very important to make search engines to understanding your content topic. 
H1 tag is used for writing main topic of blogpost.
H2 for sub heading and so on. 

Placing the right keyboard in the blog post is necessary for better SEO.

Many of tools like Yoast and Rank math help to fix grammatical and language errors. In fact we have to maintain best user experience.

There are so many factors that increases the SEO score and helps for better ranking.

Best SEO Course in Nepal

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Recorded video lectures

You will get lifetime access of unit-wise recorded video lectures.

SEO Tools

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individual live support

While learning from recorded lecture, if you stuck in between the course then our seo expert provides LIVE support.


For better experience, we will provide internship for SEO projects.

Fee structure of digital marketing course

Since SEO and SEM are parts of Digital Marketing, SEO Courses are included in digital marketing courses.


life time

Rs. 10,000

Life time

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We provides live support through ZOOM or Skype or through our own video conference app named Merocourse.

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You can contact on 099421158 / 9819216524. 

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WordPress developer jobs (Remote WordPress Jobs) 2021

WordPress is an extremely popular content management to develop and design various types of cool websites. It is based on the PHP language which carries a lot of fame nowadays to write back end of sites.
WordPress developer jobs Various web development companies need a well-skilled WordPress developer nowadays. In the Digital world having a website for any business is as necessary as oxygen needed to humans. 

WordPress Developer Jobs

To get a WordPress developer jobs, a person needs to know the following things 

Choose the best hosting company for WordPress sites

WordPress hosting is one of the most important factors of a website. The speed and overall performance of the website depend upon the webserver. So choosing reliable WordPress hosting is one of the most responsive tasks of WordPress developers. You must check all the pros and cons of web servers. Along with you most also care about the pricing of it. 

Select responsive and attractive theme for a blog

Web development companies demand a person who can choose one of the most responsive and attractive designs of sites. For various types of websites, you must have the capabilities to select the best theme. It is intensively important to rely on the perfect resources of it. In some cases, you have to add on some innovative ideas for a website in order to compete with others’ websites. For this, you might not get any ready-made plugin. For this, you must know a little bit of CSS. 

Content management for the site

To grow the website faster content is a great factor to rank. For eCommerce websites, the content may be any product or service. Blog posts also boost the site to achieve a perfect ranking. Blogs are important for any kind of website. Many of the companies have a separate department for content management and WordPress developers can compromise for it. 

Drive more visitors to WordPress sites

traffic is one of the huge necessity of any website. For a business to succeed consumers are most needed. Any web development companies need SEO experts. You must know about 

a) on-page SEO 

b) off-page SEO 

c) Technical SEO 

Keyword research is also a part of it. You must be good at keyword research skills. Finding low competition keywords and handing them over to the content writing team is one of the great skills that any company looks after. Linking the sites to high domain authority websites is one of the super skills that a WordPress developer must possess. All this stuff drives more and more visitors to a site. And this is also a huge expectation of web development companies. 

Look after the site and notice the site security site down. 

Site security and performance is also a very special task that a WordPress developer should care about. It is most important to know the best firewall and security plugin for WordPress. You must have the knowledge to back up the data of the site.

WordPress Certification

To get WordPress Developer Job, many of you think that there must be a certificate of completion of the WordPress Course. But it is not true. You must have developed some remarkable WordPress sites. And you must include all the works in your CV while applying for the job of WordPress Developer.

List of few companies to apply for WordPress Developer Job

companies to apply for WordPress Developer Job
  • New York, USA
  • Team Size- 9000+
  • Rating- 4.7/5
companies to apply for WordPress Developer Job
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Team Size- 300+
  • Rating – 4.5/5

Freelancer Companies for WordPress Developer

The best platforms to do WordPress Developer Jobs at freelancer websites. It is quite worthy than any web development company. There is no boundary of revenue like the company salary. You can charge per project or you can charge hourly basis.

wordpress developer job upwork
  • No. of freelancer- 5M
  • Rating – 4.8/5
wordpress developer job glassdoor
  • No of freelancer – 500K
  • Rating – 4.2/5
wordpress developer job amazon machanical turk
  • No of workers – 10K – 50K
  • Rating – 4/5
  • No of the worker from flexjobs – 100K
  • Rating – 4.5/5

This is a job searching platform for WordPress developers.

Remote WordPress Jobs

Above mentioned websites provide a great place for WordPress developers to work from anywhere throughout the world.

Few Tools that you must know to operate

1. Google Search Console
2. Google Analytics
3. Google Ads
4. Moz
5. Ahrefs
6. Bing Webmaster Tool
7. Google Trends
8. SemRush

backlinks, what is a backlink, how to create backlink

What is a Backlink?: How To Create Backlinks For Free?

A backlink is a link from one website to another website and it plays a vital role in SEO. In this post, we have discussed what is a backlink and how to create backlinks for free.

What is a Backlink? How To Create Backlink For Free

Let’s start with the word ‘Linking ‘. It refers to connecting or joining something to another’s object. In the Digital world linking means connecting your website to another reputed website.

what is backlink

It means your site is being referred by another website or we can say that your site is linked to other sites. Other website offers back to your site that’s why it’s known as BACKLINK.

It is very important to care about the DA PA and spam score of the website before creating a backlink for your site.

What is DA PA and Spam score?

First DA and PA are introduced by MOZ. Its full form is domain authority ( DA) and page authority ( PA ). DA measures the domain quality and it depends upon how much valuable content in that domain name and domain age is also one of the factors of high DA.

High DA and PA is one of the great factors of the site to create backlink.
PA is page authority and its increase in increasing valuable information on the page and linking the page with high authority websites.

Types of backlink

1. Do follow backlink

2. No follow backlink

In do-follow backlink, the site refers to visit your website that you have linked with. And this type of backlink drives more traffic because your site has been linked with a website that has already massive traffic and high DA PA.
On the other hand, no follow backlink doesn’t recommend the visitors to go to your site but this type of backlink increase the DA PA of your website.

The overall do-follow backlink is perfect to boost your site. It increases traffic as well as authority.
Linking to your own website; it means you are linking your own web page or web post in your post.

Interlinking is also a great factor to increase the traffic of your website as well as to improve SEO.
We can link the website/ web page/web post in our post. This link will be an external link ( linking with other sites) and internal links.

How to create a backlink?

Generally, we can create backlink by creating your own profile on high authority websites and another method is guest writing or article submission.

Lets look at few examples;

how to create backlinks
How To Create Backlinks

This is the 1st method that you can link your website to a high authority website. You can create backlinks by using the same methods as shown above.

How to create backlinks

This is another method to create a backlink for free. In this type of backlink, there are two major advantages. First is obviously your website is being referred by a high authority website and secondly, you will get a few percent visitors/ traffic to your site from the linked site.